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Graphic Design, Web, Motion


Brigada Real is a collective of hip hop bands founded in 2004. Since then, it lacked a  graphic design intervention  and integration at the web environment.
The operation carried out aimed at the creation of a logo, web site and logo animation of both the collective and their recording studio.
Coletivo Brigada Real has its roots on graffitty and rap music.
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Logo animation Brigada Real

00:00 - 00:10 Logo animation  developed to use as opening sequence and introduce collective's videos.
00:10 - End Example of animated layout to use as video on collective's music.



Logo animation Refugio

Logo animation with motion graphics developed to be used as ending credits on Refugio's recordings.
Web Site produced using Drupal CMS.
Contains sliders, news feed, authentication module, messaging system, forum, photos and other content audiovisual embeded.
It's currently offline.

Web Site

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